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CTGA of BC Privacy Policy

Last updated: 25 Feb 2021


The CTGA of BC is a Non-Profit member based organization. We interact with the public as members, and as an organization. We provide a forum for members to showcase themselves and their services. We may redistribute emails and contacts from inquiries we receive to members. We provide the tools for members to submit their own contact information and provide that to:

  • Other Members
  • The General Public
  • or keep their contact information completely private.

Collection, use and disclosure of personal information

The CTGA of BC, it's website and website host Wild Apricot provide the tools for members to add and edit their own information.

Members will complete an initial login, and will be prompted to change their profile password. This individual password protects your account from public access. Members can audit their basic account profile and add, edit or remove any information that is shown to them. As this is your opportunity to showcase yourself and your services to potential clients, the member must determine what information they want to provide access to, and to whom.

  • Any information made Public will be made available to any public visitor to the website.
  • Any information made Members Only will only be available to the password protected members only areas of the website. The public will NOT have access to this.
  • Fields may be left blank if a member does not wish to share any information.

The CTGA of BC will use contact information for regular correspondence with its membership. Events, Meetings, Training, Notifications and Surveys are examples of regular correspondence.

Members information will NOT be made public without members consent.

Members information will NOT be sold, transferred or provide to 3rd parties.

Giving consent for others

If a member marks information as Public in their profile, the member is deemed to be providing consent for that information to be shared. If a member wishes to edit or remove the Public designation, they may do so themselves by logging into their profile.

Third-parties applications

Members information will NOT be sold, transferred or provided to 3rd parties.

Contact us

If you have concerns regarding the privacy of your information please contact us directly 

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