Mentoring Program

New for 2024, the Canadian Tour Guide Association of British Columbia (CTGA of BC) Mentoring Program, a dynamic initiative designed to support new members as they embark on their journey in the vibrant world of tourism and guiding. Our program is not a standalone offering but a synergistic component of a broader educational framework that includes Tour Guide Training and Networking opportunities. At the heart of our mentoring program is the belief that personal growth is accelerated through collaborative relationships. Therefore, we've appointed a dedicated Mentoring Coordinator who works closely with our Networking and Training Directors to ensure a seamless integration of mentoring into your professional development. By leveraging the power of networking, we aim to not only introduce you to our organization but also to foster meaningful connections that support your career aspirations.

Our program is tailored to accommodate both seasoned guides seeking to familiarize themselves with the local industry and newcomers eager to make their mark. For experienced guides, we offer the chance to be paired with a mentor who can provide insights into general procedures, industry nuances, and specific areas such as Tour Managing, Cruise Terminal Operations, and regions like Whistler, Victoria, and the Rockies, among others. This approach ensures that regardless of your experience level, you will receive the guidance necessary to excel in your role.

Joining our mentoring program means stepping into a community committed to your professional development and success. Our mentors, selected for their expertise and dedication, are ready to assist you in achieving certification and excelling in your guiding career. Through personalized support, goal setting, and access to exclusive training and networking events, we are here to enhance your skills and open doors to new opportunities. Whether you're looking to refine your expertise or build a strong foundation in the tourism industry, the CTGA of BC Mentoring Program is your gateway to a fulfilling and successful career.

For more information, please email Ursula Wienecke, our Mentoring Coordinator

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