• 13 Apr 2022 17:28 | Anonymous

    Thanks again to member Bob Sung, who, with his company A Wok Around Chinatown provided members an up close look at both his services, but worked to dispel some of the myths regarding Chinatown in its modern day.

    It was a cooler day, but fortunately the rain (and hail!) held off until later. Members enjoyed the new Chinatown Storytelling Centre, apple tarts at Newtown Bakery, tea at The Chinese Tea Shop and more!

    A full album of the event can be see HERE

  • 7 Apr 2022 18:00 | Anonymous

    Current President Matthew Paugh led a group of members on a Photowalk around Canada Place. Not simply a leisurely stroll, this event was designed to familiarize members with the features of their phones' camera. 

    "The best camera, is the one that you have with you!" (Chase Jarvis)

    With this in mind, the next couple of hours were spent learning the technicalities, the tricks and ways to use that device to improve the guest experience.

    A full photoset can be found HERE

    Notice something off with this pic? Comment below when you find it

  • 7 Apr 2022 09:32 | Anonymous

    Hello Members

    We had an industry meeting with the City of Vancouver regarding Tour Vehicle access around the city. There is a copy of the presentation available HERE for you to look at. 

    A Quick Summary

    • Beach Avenue access is not changing for the foreseeable future. It is both City of Vancouver and The Parks Board that has control of Beach Avenue. While we may have inroads with CoV, The PB was not present and attempts to reach them have been less successful 
    • Multiple points regarding access, safety and efficiency getting around the city were brought up by multiple representatives including the concerns of members of CTGA of BC
    • There is not supposed to be any NET LOSS of parking spaces for tour vehicles in the city, minus what was lost on Beach Avenue. Their Tour Bus Zone map is not currently updated on their website, but should be soon. There are some zones that we await feedback on their current state (1600 block of Alberni for example) as well as potentially adding more on Waterfront Road near the SeaBus Terminal and below the convention centre.
    • There will still be parking available, OFF Granville Island at the entrance for 2 coaches at a time. Granville Island (which is not part of CoV) is still continuing their no parking on the island policy for 2022.
  • 6 Apr 2022 17:47 | Anonymous

    A large thanks goes to ISL for getting us use of their coach, and their driver Joseph today! 

    After checking in, it was off to explore the quirks and challenges that a city tour day trip will bring us, and to ask questions of the company and their equipment.

    Some Notes

    • There are lots of new buildings and designs to be aware of and update your commentary with
    • Highly suggest those wishing to provide the best view of Chinatown for your guests in a coach travel NORTH on Carrall Street to provide the best view for the passengers
    • Consider leaving Canada Place and heading UNDER the convention centre and taking Waterfront Road to enter the east end of downtown. It provides a wonderful view while taking the railway overpass and allows you to bypass some of the construction in downtown before heading into Chinatown / Gastown
    • Gastown is very rough and tall vehicles swing a lot, caution passengers not to have their heads too close to the windows then
      • There is no statue of Gassy Jack
      • There is bus parking and drop off zones that are being reactivated
    • Stanley Park is very slow. With no changes to Beach Avenue from the Parks Board, and no parking available or buses at Prospect Point, reasons to move along the west side of the park are diminished. It is VERY slow to maneuver a coach in areas, with no choice to run curbs in areas like the Big Tree / Hill. There is no chance to enter and loop around the Hollow Tree in the current set up. Other than the lookout on the bridge from Lord Stanley's Proclamation Spot, choose the rest of the park at your own discretion. As departing via Pipeline Road (which allows you to loop the Pavilion and The Rose Garden) brings you to the same exit onto Georgia Street as continuing all along the west side of the park (albeit saving a good 20 minutes while doing so) you may want to seriously consider adding that as your exit and only doing the Brockton Point Section
    • The only way to access the west end is heading South on Denman from Georgia, or continuing to Thurlow/Burrard and going to either Robson or Davie and heading back towards the park from there. You can enter Beach Avenue from the Amazing Laughter Statues either way. If you do Denman, be warned it is slow in a full sized coach.
    • Granville Island is as 2019, with no parking on the island, and a fee to drop off. Coach and Bus parking is available (or shortly will be) just off the island and is an option to start/stop a GI tour segment
    • LOTS of parking and open space at Queen Elizabeth Park. Consider using this for longer stops and taking in the sunken gardens. Parking for QE Park and Stanley Park for buses is valid for all day, and for both parks. Be sure to keep the receipt, but leave it in the window of the bus/coach when you are driving around (roughly $60 for a full sized coach now)
    • YVR has lots of space, and no issues with pick ups and drop offs. Anyone needing COVID testing can get it at the departures level, beside the US check in counters and under the Farimont

    We ended the trip at Bridgeport Skytrain Station. ISL is based out of Richmond, and operates MCI Motor-coaches up to 54 pax. They are a smaller operation then others, but they have top notch equipment and drivers that many tour operators use.

    Big thanks to ISL for giving our members the opportunity to explore the city and get familiar with their operations and equipment

  • 5 Apr 2022 17:37 | Anonymous

    Our first of the fam trips was hosted by Traxx Transportation

    As one of the largest transportation providers to the industry on the West Coast, it's likely you'll be on one of their buses, or subsidiaries sooner than later.

    A large thanks to Traxx and Steve Ceron for allowing us to ask questions, explore the coaches and get refamiliarized with the equipment after such a long break

  • 3 Apr 2022 22:00 | Anonymous


    Here is the link to that latest (and updating) cruise schedule for Vancouver


  • 31 Mar 2022 20:00 | Anonymous

    Our first organized in person members event in 2 years (without widespread restrictions) was a great success. 22 members came out for the first of 2 sessions with fellow member Bob Sung. His business, A Wok Around Chinatown, helped to refresh members and inform members regarding our Chinatown in 2022.

    Many items were covered, facts shared and myths dispelled thanks to the hard work of Bob.

    We have a second event happening on April 13. It is sold out, but contact us to go on the waiting list.

    Please see the first album HERE

  • 29 Mar 2022 20:00 | Anonymous

    Big thanks to the members who were able to get make the open house hosted by CeresCorp at the cruise terminal. 

    There have been changes to the terminal which should allow for better flow of passengers. They include, but are not limited to:

    1. There is more room to keep groups in designated areas. 
    2. The exit to the meet and greet section has shifted EAST approximately 15 metres. The former exit will now be a screening area.
    3. Guests being dropped off will have a new and expanded US customs screen area that is no longer in the centre of the arrivals Hal, but has been shifted to the Easternmost Wall.
    4. Small Tour and Private Transportation have a slightly modified 2 lane pick up area next to door 2. Exact details are being worked out, but upon dispatch from the holding lot you will be directed to a dedicated lane to pick up guests.
    5. New paint, lines and dividers are in place, as well as a brand new operations team. Please be sure to exercise and caution patience with and for guests during the first few days of operation. Everyone will be getting used to the new flows
    6. There is First Come First Served luggage storage provided by Grey Line West Coast Sightseeing. See details HERE
    There are photos for Members to explore in this album.

    Click HERE

    Explanations are in the comments. 

  • 15 Mar 2022 18:01 | Anonymous

    We have enabled the SECONDARY LANGUAGES filter in the directory. Now when you are logged in and are browsing the directory you can better look for guides based on their language. 

    If you wish for more search options, when in the directory, please click ADVANCED SEARCH and you will get more options

  • 25 Feb 2022 14:13 | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Good news! The directory has had a slight update and you can now more easily filter by specialty, position or language

    As this is entirely dependant on members having filled out their profiles, this information will continuously be changing.


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